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Second Editorial Claims

Factual Claim: The Earth is being affected by Anthropologic Climate Change.

Definitional Claim: Anthropologic Climate Change is a rapid change in climate caused directly by humans.

2022 IPCC Report

Causal Claim: Climate Change is resulting in sea levels rising, as well as resulting in the severity of storms like hurricanes and typhoons.

Factual Claim: Puerto Rico received little to no aid after Hurricane Irma, which devastated the island.

Causal Claim: As a result, the island is dealing with massive amounts of damage from a hurricane that isn’t even particularly powerful, a Category 3 hurricane.

Factual Claim: Puerto Rico is a United States territory

Definitional claim: As a territory, Puerto Rico currently doesn’t have any representation in Congress, which means issues are easily overlooked

Causal Claim: If it becomes a state, Puerto Rico would get access to D-SNAP, which is the special food stamp program for disaster victims, and would allow the island to be protected under the 10th Amendment

Definitional Claim: The 10th Amendment grants States of the Union all power not delegated to the federal government, meaning that power would be given to the state and its people.

Factual Claim: Currently, Puerto Rico is essentially governed by an oversight board, which consists of un-accountable and un-elected officials with the power to make decisions regarding public policy and finances OVER the locally elected government.

Benefits of Puerto Rican Statehood

Causal Claim: If Puerto Rico is not made a state, it will continue to suffer, and eventually will be uninhabitable. If that happens, people will need to relocate to the mainland, which would be a bureaucratic nightmare for the IRS.

IRS Policy on Moving from a Territory to the Mainland

Value Claim: We cannot let the people of Puerto Rico drown in the Caribbean. These people are Americans, and we should treat them like so.

Policy Claim: The United States Congress must make Puerto Rico a state in order for the island to survive climate change, and to prevent a mass relocation to the mainland. Puerto Ricans must be represented in Congress in order to make laws that help the island prepare for a tumultuous future.

That’s all I have for now. See you in the next post!



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2 responses to “Second Editorial Claims”

  1. Hey Bryce!
    Love to see some light shown on Puerto Rico, my mom did detasseling down there. Your claims interested me and motivated me to do a little research on why it is not a state already. Unfortunately according to what I found, given current political divisions in the United States it would be extremely difficult for Puerto Rico to achieve statehood.


  2. Puerto Rican statehood is an excellent topic. While climate change figures in here, there seems to be a dual focus here.


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